NaNo 2010

Drew, an outcast apprentice mage turned accidental warrior, finds himself caught up in a secret war between the mage guild that rejected him and a terrorist group of mages called the Magic Circle.

Recruited by a secret organization, Drew is trained to hunt and kill the terrorists assassinating guild mages. Using his knowledge of both magecraft and swordplay, Drew has a chance to vindicate himself in the eyes of the guild and his demanding father.

Along the way he must convince his best friend heís not really working for the enemy, discover whether his potential girlfriend is an assassin sent to kill him, and uncover the truth of his fatherís past and whether he might be behind the plot against the guild.

Hello and welcome to my website. I am, among other things, a writer of speculative fiction. That primarily includes science fiction, fantasy and the occasional bit of supernatural suspence/horror with a Lovecraftian flavor (though I'm also a big fan of zombies).

I'm currently gearing up for this year's nanowrimo. It looks like I'll be returning to fantasy this year, though fantasy of a more YA flavor. I'm still hashing out my scene list, so we'll see what it actually turns out to be.


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