NaNo 2009

It was only supposed to be a minor military expedition and Kenneth Phon was only supposed to be an observer, but when the ambitions of powerful men turn to betrayal and disaster, the largest human warfleet ever assembled finds itself leaderless and lost, thousands of light-years deep in enemy territory.

Surrounded and on the point of surrender, the fleet turns to one man to lead them in their fight through hundreds of enemy systems. Now Ken must get the fleet home before the aliens can take their revenge on a defenseless Earth!

NaNo 2007-2008

It is the dawn of the first age and the fallen Lords of Heaven are fighting over that newest of creations, mankind.

Only one young Sheppard, tormented by horrific visions of the future, can unite the tribes of men and protect them from the chaos, madness and death the fallen lords bring. To do this he must first discover the secret names of magic with only an autistic six-year-old girl to aid him. Will war consume the scattered tribes before he can forge them into the first kingdom of men?

Long Fiction

The Chronicles of the First Age

The Sacred Fire

The Ascent

Short Ficton

Suicide is Painless

Innocent Blood

I Dream of Other Worlds

The Mask of Love

Hunger for Life


The Career Path of Least Resistance

Sleeper Ship

A Necessary Evil