Are you a writer who is stuck for a story idea or a DM/GM who runs a regular RPG session and needs to come up with a plot quick? This tool may be able to help. Its purpose is to help the writer create plots they might not otherwise have thought up by generating new and unusual combinations of elements. It won't produce a fully fleshed out plot, that's the writer's job, but we think of that as a feature rather than a bug as the vague fortune-cookie style results force you to be creative just to interprete them.

Have a long lineage of kings you need to flesh out, or perhaps a character with a big family and you need to figure out how big? This tool may be able to help.The program will fill in the rest of their biographic information and determine their offspring using pre-modern actuarial information. (At least the best I could find.) The tool includes a (very) crude name generator and will randomly generate a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to help give some feel of what these people might be like. (In the case of royal dynasties this may help describe the nature of their rule.)

(Further development of the Family Tree Generator has been taken over by another group and hosted at Google Code. I don't know how active the project is, but I know they have made a few fixes. If you want the newest version or just want to contribute, hop over there.)